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The Ego Brothers

songs from the waist down

A group of "musicians" were somehow able to gain access to a revered Austin nightspot, along with an apparently drunken group of their rowdy friends and family. It seems that this act has all of one song in its repertoire, and it goes something like this here:

Their looks, deeds and words show them to be of low morals and high self-esteem. Their background is unclear, as is their origin. Some believe that the surname "Ego" is Danish, others that it may be Welsh. One theory holds that it may simply be a corruption of "Eggo" since Clivve is known to have a particular fondness for waffles.


Whatever their history, Clivve and his brothers, Barry and Eelton have threatened to compose even more songs and loose them upon an unsuspecting public in the not too distant future. Rumor has it that there is even a list of titles just waiting to be "fleshed" out. Try to keep your pants on. We'll let you know if there are any sightings.